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I knew my heart's desire was heard, but Spirit is never in a rush to tell me the answers, as much as I'd like them NOW, while I'm young! Pay Attention Answers come in their own order and usually through ...
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Why Practice Reiki?

Many of my Reiki 1 students, despite writing rave evaluations about their experiences in class, do not move on to Reiki 2. Some don't practice regularly. I've always wondered about that, and I have many theories. I realize that there ...
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Maybe I was born this way..

Each of us can choose how to live. I have chosen to live in service to the Divine Beloved and to the Divine in others, and I've done this for a long time. When I was a kid, I wanted to be ...
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You Don’t Need Fixing

I was at a Reiki Share the other night. That's a place where Reiki practitioners come together to share Reiki with one another. As each one took their turn on the table,  enveloped in shared healing energy, they seemed so radiantly beautiful. Each ...
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Will I Still Be Me?

Reiki is spiritual work, and heals us from the inside out. Ultimately, instead of being less YOU as you progress on your spiritual path, you become more clearly yourself, freed more and more from other's expectations for you, and even free from ...
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It’s not a Performance, it’s Service with Compassion

When a client comes to me for their first Reiki session, I sometimes feel apprehension or performance anxiety, even though I am confident in what I bring to the session. My stomach starts to churn, and then I realize what's ...
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