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Tag open hands reiki

10am – 6pm Amazing Reiki 1 Workshop

Some Benefits of Reiki

Imagine knowing that no matter what happens to you, where you go or what you believe, you will always have Reiki in your hands and heart, for deep healing and inner guidance. Reiki is a beautiful and pure, divine energy that is capable of boosting spiritual growth during practice and of healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the practitioner and recipient. It is the easiest method of healing because there aren’t any complex formulas or exercises involved in its delivery. I welcome you to come, learn about Reiki, and become a practitioner of Reiki (for yourself and others, including animals!) in this relaxed atmosphere and small workshop! I like to keep these workshops to 8 people maximum, so if you can’t get into the Reiki 1 Workshop this month, be assured that I will be teaching regularly throughout the year. Please try for the next one. You may contact me prior to registration with questions and/or to pick up your manual before the workshop. I hope to see you soon.- Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT, OpenHandsReiki.com 

Reiki 1 is a fundamentals workshop

You will learn:

• the definition of Reiki

• the history of Reiki

• what Reiki can do

• introductory explanation of holistic healing

• the Three Pillars of Reiki

• the five Reiki principles or ideals of Mikao Usui sensei

• channeling Reiki

• the Chakra energy centers

• Byosen scanning of the body to find energy imbalances

• Reiki hand positions for treatment of self and others

• Kenyoku (dry bathing to remove unwanted energies)

• Usui Reiki level 1 attunement and the Reiki 1 symbol

• practice time to become comfortable and begin to sense Reiki during a treatment

You will be able to give Reiki to yourself, your family and friends after completion of this workshop. It is recommended that you practice Reiki regularly, even daily, on yourself for two weeks or more before moving on to take the Reiki 2 workshop.

The cost for the workshop is $198. The price includes a manual written by the International Center for Reiki Training, of which I am a member. As part of the October special, this workshop includes the option for a discounted (only $35!!) 1-hour Reiki session to be arranged with me at class. See my reviews on YELP. And you can read more about Reiki on my OpenHandsReiki.com website, including questions and answers and information about me. Pre-registration is required.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon in class!

7 – 8:30pm Guided Meditation + Acupuncture (Ear) + Reiki Blessing

Guided meditation, Acupuncture (Ear) and Reiki Blessing

This is your opportunity to unwind and relax with like-minded people, which is invaluable on the spiritual path! Meditation is beneficial in any form, even for beginners. It’s open to people from all walks of life and paths. It’s centering and calming. Really, there’s no “down-side” to meditation. Acupuncture has many healing properties, as well, including balancing of the mind and body, relaxation and elimination or reduction in pain. Reiki is divine energy that helps the body to heal in whichever way is most needful, and promotes spiritual experiences, among other positive effects. All these modalities together make for a super experience of getting into a wonderful and peaceful place of tranquility, and more!

What to Expect

After some initial paperwork, Joie Jacala, Eastern Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist with Daylight Healing Center, will start off by placing Acupuncture needles in specific areas on the ears to promote relaxation and well-being. Soothing music will be playing in the background. Then I will read a healing meditation and go to each person to give a brief, hands-on Reiki blessing. Afterwards, Joie will remove the needles and we will give you time to discuss the experience a bit, if you want. Joie’s website is Zenjoynow.com.

Lead by a Guided Healing Master

My name is Maureen Rivelle, RN, Reiki Master Teacher at Daylight Healing Center. My website is OpenHandsReiki.com. I will be leading the guided healing meditation portion. Then I will come around to each person and offer wonderful Reiki energy by placing my hands on or above your head. I may enlist the help of another Reiki Master if lots of you come! Limit: 12 participants.

What to Bring

The space is a small yoga studio with laminate flooring. Bring your own yoga mat(s) or cushion, a blanket and a pillow, and your journal (optional). This meditation can be done lying down but if you meditate better in a seated position (which is the case for me, too), please bring whatever you’d like to sit on. We have a few zero gravity recliners and folding chairs, too.

Please be on time! Since we only have 1 1/2 hours, every minute counts. Please consider coming 15 minutes early to set up your comfy spot! Door closes at 7:05 PM.

Thank you! We look forward to experiencing this blessing with you!

Treasure Yourself

Have you ever treasured yourself?

Treasure Yourself

Have you ever looked into your own eyes in a mirror and smiled genuinely? Have you ever put your hands over your belly and closed your eyes, thanking the Universe within for yourself?

I believe in unanswered questions

Sometimes an answer shuts down the asking process too quickly. Sometimes, an unanswered question can be savored, looked at from different angles, answered myriad ways, even answered in paradoxical ways. It’s not a test. It’s an exploration. Let’s explore these questions together. Looking inward, can you love the life that is deeper than your physical being, that resides deeper within? Can you feel it when you sit quietly in acceptance of yourself? Why would treasuring yourself be helpful?

We are more than we think we are

Without me telling you all that you are, can you feel it yourself? The feelings may not come with words. That’s okay.

Let me help you find yourself in your hidden depths

My sessions are self empowering. They help you to feel your true inner life, and release whatever is hiding you from your own brightness. Come explore with me, but start the process by treasuring yourself today, wherever you are sitting, reading this.

Your fan,


Noon – 2pm FREE Reiki Mini-Sessions at Lynnwood Super Supplements

Come and Experience Reiki Energy

If you are curious about Reiki and all the awesome things it can do to help you on your healing journey, this event is a great intro. Reiki Master Maureen Rivelle of Open Hands Reiki will be offering free, individual Reiki mini-sessions (about 10 minutes per person) at Lynnwood Super Supplements. Come and experience Reiki energy for yourself!

We’re excited to meet you!

Click here to learn more about Reiki.

7 – 9pm Awesome Reiki Share

Reiki Share = Awesome, Healing Energy

Have you ever wondered what Reiki feels like? (It feels very good!) Are you curious about energy work? Would you like to meet Reiki practitioners from all walks of life? Are you a student of Reiki who wants to practice with others in a low-key, healing environment? Join us for this Awesome Reiki Share experience!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Source-guided life force energy. It is a gentle, healing energy that is administered through the laying on of hands on or around the body. It feels centering and light, yet deeply calming and nourishing for the whole being.

Reiki share wellness and healing

Come Experience and Share the Healing Energy

This Reiki share is led by Maureen Rivelle, RN, and Reiki Master Teacher. Her teaching and private practice is called Open Hands Reiki and is located here at Daylight Healing Center. Maureen has practiced Reiki since 2006 and has seen so many blessings; she would like you to enjoy this bountiful healing energy, too. We invite you to join us as we give and receive this gift together. We will start with introductions and a short meditation. Then we will proceed to take turns giving and receiving Reiki from the group of practitioners.

Donations of $5-$10 gratefully accepted.

Daylight Healing Center will provide healthful snacks, hot tea and water for you to enjoy.

Hope to see you at our wonderful, AWESOME Reiki share!

Be sure to get here by 7:15 PM, when the door is locked.

Thank you!

10am – 6pm Reiki 2 Workshop (For Reiki 1 Practitioners!)*

Grow Your Reiki Abilities

Reiki 2 is an in-depth study of Reiki for first level practitioners who want to dig deeper, grow and develop their healing abilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Some review of the Reiki 1 workshop and questions or concerns that may have come up since beginning to practice Reiki
  • Performing distant healing
  • The three Reiki 2 symbols and their uses
  • Koki-ho (sending Reiki with the breath)
  • Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with the eyes)
  • Usui Reiki level 2 attunement
  • Practice feeling each of the symbols while giving and receiving Reiki
  • Practice distant healing (Ekanku Chiryo)
  • Beaming
  • More in-depth look at Reiki as a tool for spiritual development and happiness
  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho (releasing negative energy from objects)

Learn to Heal Over Distance and Time

You will be able to send Reiki to others over distance and time after this spiritually enriching class. You also will have many tools and methods to use Reiki to help others. There will be lots of practice time so you will feel proficient. After this class, I recommend practicing Reiki daily for six months to a year before moving on to Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master levels. You will be able to start a Reiki practice after this class. Reiki shares are encouraged for all levels of practitioners. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE. (http://www.openhandsreiki.com/reiki-classes/reiki-2/)

About the Instructor

Maureen Rivelle has practiced Reiki daily for 10 years, and is a Reiki Master and RN. See her website, OpenHandsReiki.com (http://www.openhandsreiki.com/faqs/), to read questions and answers about Reiki.


The cost for this Reiki 2 Workshop is $198. The prerequisite is that you have taken a Reiki 1 class. Register for Reiki 2 through the PayPal link on the Open Hands Reiki website: (http://www.openhandsreiki.com/reiki-classes/reiki-2/)! Feel free to contact Maureen with any questions before class at OpenHandsReiki.com (http://www.openhandsreiki.com/contact/). We’re looking forward to working with you! $15 Discount if you refer another student who signs up for this class with you. (Email openhandsreiki@gmail.com prior to registering if you qualify for the discount.)

Thank you!

Maureen Rivelle, RN
Reiki Master Teacher
Affiliate Member International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org (http://www.reiki.org))

LOVE Your Boo Monster

Love your BOO MonsterWhen I was studying Shamanism with a teacher years ago, I was accused of loving my negative ego. Instead of making my ego shut up, or ignoring it, or quieting my mind, the teacher accused me of listening to and allowing it to run my life. This was sure to be detrimental to my spiritual growth, the idea being that I should give no ground to “the mind” or ego, as it brought up negative stuff from my past, or made me feel bad because I was caught in a cycle of anxiety. I had, at that point, done a lot of self-therapy to help me discover the root causes of my problems. When the teacher accused me this way, it really hurt my feelings. If nothing else, I always tried to be conscientious in catching my “Boo Monster” in its tricks.

She called the ego’s negative self talk “Boo Monster” because it was guiding me from a basis of fear. It was a monster that cast doubts and offered no affirmations nor substance. It wasn’t helpful… ever!

Acknowledge Your Boo Monster

About a year ago, I found that acknowledging these negative feelings actually stopped them from being so obtrusive. In my mind’s eye, I could see my inner child, around four years old, crying and being afraid. She was saying that I shouldn’t try anything new, that it was scary and I might fail. I would see and hear this inside whenever a new opportunity presented itself. I frequently greeted new ideas with fear, and I tried to push away both; status quo was so much safer.

But this time, instead of imagining my inner child on my lap and telling her I had everything under control, which was one tactic I tried using numerous times without any measurable results in the fear-decreasing department, I acknowledged to her that I did feel unsafe. I said what I felt, that I felt vulnerable and fearful. My inner child’s response to this was that she actually calmed down, for the first time, and walked to the playground, instead of continuing to cry on my lap! I acknowledged my feelings. It was so surprising to realize that she just wanted to be heard!

Feelings are so important, yet we’re taught that they can’t be given priority. But as soon as I acknowledged the feelings my so called “Boo Monster” was warning me about, my fear level went way down.

Acceptance Will Set You Free

So yes, I do love my “Boo Monster.” I love that it informs me of what I’m feeling deep inside. I love that it’s a part of me that is trying to keep me safe. And I also love the fact that when I acknowledge my feelings, that recognition and acceptance of myself and what I’ve experienced in the past, good or bad, allows me to become calm.

I’d Love to Help YOU tame your Boo Monsters

My intuitive guidance and Reiki were instrumental in learning to love and accept all the different parts of my personality. I’d love to help you with this important work. Call me at (425) 409-9594 for an intuitive Reiki session today!


To learn more about the “Boo Voice,” check out “Freedom From Fear; Overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and Panic” by Howard Liebgold, MD.


This is the sign you've been looking for - the answers are within

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I knew my heart’s desire was heard, but Spirit is never in a rush to tell me the answers, as much as I’d like them NOW, while I’m young!

Pay Attention

Answers come in their own order and usually through our own experiences. I find them by paying attention and opening my heart to the deeper meanings and symbolic truths connected to my daily participation with life. I also examine the feelings in my body and my heart, as they give big clues to my inner direction.

 The Answers Are Within

That’s the best way to get in touch with our answers (and a great way to live!). Our answers are inside us. As Matt Kahn explains in his book, “Whatever Arises, Love That,” when we see all of life as orchestrated for our spiritual growth and general wholeness, it changes everything. We start to pay attention and sense our answers within us.

Why Practice Reiki?


Divine Balance

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

Many of my Reiki 1 students, despite writing rave evaluations about their experiences in class, do not move on to Reiki 2. Some don’t practice regularly. I’ve always wondered about that, and I have many theories. I realize that there is no one answer, and that each person has their own life story. I respect that, too. After all, at one time, I thought energy healing was a bunch of hokum. I had my own path to follow, and it took many years to get here.

Reiki is Home

Reiki is a practice that transcends our personal experiences, though. Let me explain. In the 10 years since I began practicing, I have undergone large shifts in awareness and even in my personal life. I left a teacher after working closely with her for 5 years, and I put lots of what she taught on a shelf for some later consideration. That left me questioning all my beliefs and practices. I also have had friends come and go. I recently left another church (I had done this twice before!). Some of these changes were quite upsetting and ground shaking. But through it all, I had Reiki. I had the closeness of Source, without judgment, holding me and healing me with Reiki. I always had a home.

Reiki is Balance

Because of Reiki, my foundation was shored up through all the tempests of my life. I’d love to have my students see that Reiki can seriously help in every area of life, when Reiki is tried and tested personally. Yogananda, who brought self-realization through yogic practices to the United States in 1920 noticed that Americans loved experimentation and the scientific pursuit of truth. He asked why we didn’t experiment on ourselves! He wanted people to try out what he said to see if it’s true.  I can only repeat his challenge to my own students of Reiki…try it out on yourself and see if it’s true!

Take the Reiki Challenge

I did, and everything is better because of that decision.

10am – 6pm Usui Master Class/Workshop

Are you ready to Teach and Attune others to Reiki? 

This Usui Reiki Master Class/Workshop is for Reiki students who have been practicing Reiki regularly, if not daily, for at least 6 months, and who want to be able to give classes and attune others to this Healing Energy. Being a Reiki Master does not denote the ability to “master” Reiki, just the ability to teach and attune others. There also is a component of self-mastery involved: As an aspiring Reiki Master, you should feel that you have invited and allowed Reiki and Reiki’s Source to begin to change and heal you inside and, that you want to share this amazing modality with the world.

What You Will Learn in the Usui Reiki Master Class

After the Usui Reiki Master Class/Workshop, you will have the ability to attune or initiate others into Reiki, so they can become Reiki practitioners themselves, from Levels 1 through the Master Level. You will have lots of practice time to help you feel capable and understand the process. In addition, you will receive an attunement and some more symbols, including Tibetan symbols, to use in your practice. Finally, you may open a Reiki practice for the public after this class and certification.

I am an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (Reiki.org) and I use their manuals and guidelines to teach Reiki through the Master level. You will receive a Master Manual in this class.

Prerequites and Registration

Advanced Reiki Training is offered the day before this class. The Advanced Reiki Training Class is a prerequisite for this class. If Advanced Reiki Training has been taken in the past, qualification is determined by showing your certificate. You may send me a photo of that certificate in an email on the OpenHandsReiki.com website contact page prior to registering.

To get even more information on this offering and to Register, go to my website and fill out the form. At the bottom of the page, you will have the option to take this class/workshop alone or in a bundle with the Advanced Reiki Training class offered on August 28th, 2017. This class is $198 if taken alone. As a bundle, the cost is only $350 for both classes. That’s a $46 savings! You will be sent to PayPal for preregistration, which is required.

I am honored to teach you Reiki! Thank you!

Maureen Rivelle, RN, RMT